Meet team Heart to Follow, ready for the World's Toughest Row - Pacific ! 

Keep us afloat!     

It was a long preparation.

Both Marieke and Renate were the last to to join the Atlantic Dutchesses. Melissa and Iris had been working on the campaign over a year before they joined in. A lot of work, training, adjusting and helping out looking for sponsors and do a long list of preparation. Not a day went by without questions and issues shared on what's app. They trained as much as they could, in the boat with the whole team and in their hometowns on the rowing machine, fitnessclub, you name it. Life made these women strong, the training even more. 

Other than that they needed to test food, drinks, clothing, you name it. The 10 days they spent on La Gomera before the start lasted long. They wanted to leave! Well prepared, they hardly had any issues to be fixed on the boat so they took their time for some more training and enjoyed the fair weather and the island. 

On December 12th, they heard the horn, for them. From then on, it was 'us and the Ocean'. And nothing else. The adventure began, finally.