Meet team Heart to Follow, ready for the World's Toughest Row - Pacific ! 

Keep us afloat!     


This is where it started. A nice hike on the island of Tiengemeten, south of Rotterdam and right in between our towns. Even though, our story started way before this day in October. After returning to the Netherlands, with salt in our veins and an intense memory of the Atlantic Crossing with the Atlantic Dutchesses, we knew our story wasn't finished yet. We wanted more. We missed the Sea, the Ocean, every drop of it. We said: if I ever take up a rowing adventure again, it will be with you. And there it is. Atlantic Campaigns plans to organise the Pacific Challenge. We're in! On Tiengemeten we talked about the project, the campaign. What do we need, where to find, sponsors, the lot. We knew we wanted to support the Womens' Heart again, it couldn't be something else. A lot of questions and a mile-long to do list. That is a start. The start of a new adventure. Pacific, here we come!