Unfortunately, the team has had to withdraw from participating in the WTR-Pacific

Keep us afloat!     


And there she is....

Deciding to row an Ocean is one thing. A rowing budy is easy, as we both wanted to row again, more, after the Atlantic. A boat! That's something else. 
New, second hand, third, which, where, how? Not long after we started our quest our eyes fell on the Two Rowing Finns. Yes, on the guys ánd the boat that they would use for the Atlantic Crossing 2021 and named after their own team. 
Two Rowing Dutchies on the Two Rowing Finns, that sounded like a plan. 
We followed every stroke and saw them win the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge so the stakes are high! 
Late April we received the news that the handover date was set. 
And it was so unreal, strange almost to see the boat they rowed across the Atlantic so successfully. No stickers, logo's, completely white and, above all, almost like new! We touched the boat, walked around it and imagined ourselves on the Ocean, once again. We stepped on board and checked all items that Jolle and Markus carefully prepared for their crossing and still looked as if they've just been unpacked..  
There were bubbles, smiles, good luck wishes and yes, we will take care of here very much so. Together with the new owner, Martijn - Maritinus - we left the Rannoch premises and took her to her new home, in Kortgene. Where Marieke and Martijn can keep a good eye on here. 
We'll be on the water soon enough, now the adventure really starts!