Unfortunately, the team has had to withdraw from participating in the WTR-Pacific

Keep us afloat!     


Made by the sea, that’s Renate de Backere. Born and raised in Zeeland, (in the South-West of the Netherlands). Loving the outdoors intensely. Either rowing, sailing, kayaking or long multi-day trips in the mountains on snowshoes, crossing glaciers or Munro bagging. The rougher it gets, the bigger the grin. She works in the North of the Netherlands, as trainer and guide for an NGO protecting the natural values of the Waddensea. She loves the mud, sharing stories and passion about such a great chunk of nature. 

Early 2020, she didn't need to think long about entering the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. With a team of 4 (Atlantic Dutchesses) they won the female class after rowing 43 days. The Ocean felt like home on this epic adventure and it made her long for some other adventure as soon as she returned to the Netherlands. Living on the coast and overlooking the Harlingen harbour she knew something similar would pop up. That happened sooner than she could think of; Atlantic Campaigns announced the organisation of the the World's Toughest Row - Pacific. There it is! 

Now with Marieke, as a pair they will enter the World's Toughest Row - Pacific. A smaller boat, a different ocean, with each other as guidance and lifeline. They believe in this adventure, their stamina and endurance. Any other charity than the Womens Heart was unthinkable. They will support this charity again as there is still so much more research needed to look for differences between womens' and mens' hearts. Hence their name: Heart to Follow. These women follow their hearts. A dream they didn't know they cherished comes true, yet another time.